Sports Enhancement Coaching

  • Are you looking to improve your or your team’s athletic performance?
  • Are you or your team able to stay relaxed, calm and laser focused before and during athletic performances?
  • Are you or your team confident and motivated?


Master the Mind, Master the Game is a Sports Enhancement Coaching program that benefits athletes, coaches and teams in a wide variety of sports, at any age and every level of competition.



What is Master the Mind, Master the Game Coaching?

  • A customized program focusing on your mental performance including:
    1. Sharpening your mental focus
    2. Creating positive imagery and visualizing successful performances
    3. Releasing and controlling your emotions
    4. Enabling laser focus and control
    5. Building confidence and motivation
  • A self-discovery process that uncovers and removes the limiting beliefs and the blocks that prevent you from being, doing or having what you want in your sports performance



What's the process?

  • A one-on-one consultation takes place to gather detailed personal history on the individual or team’s current sports performance and the desired goals (2-3 hour process)
  • A customized program is developed for you or your team
  • Master the Mind Master The Game Coaching session(s) – (minimum 3 hours)
    1. Identify a clear set of values
    2. Release negative emotions i.e. anger, fear, frustration, anxiety and let go of self-defeating states blocking performance
    3. Identify and remove limiting beliefs and decisions, clearing personal obstacles
    4. Make new choices about yourself and your performance and transform the way you think
    5. Access internal resources, gain tools to help you do that, and install positive resourceful states to support you as you progress towards your goal(s)
    6. Utilize the most positive power speech and internal representations to actualize who you really are inside
    7. Goal Setting – Plant clear and specific goals into your future, gaining more focus and clarity
  • Following the Master The Mind, Master The Game Coaching session(s)
    1. Tasks are designed to ensure quick action to maintain focus on your goal(s)
    2. Follow up calls, emails or sessions are scheduled as needed



What are the Benefits of the Master the Mind, Master the Game Coaching program?

  • Transform frustration into personal power and well-being
  • Gain focus, clarity and fresh perspectives
  • Feel less stressed before and during performance
  • Be more confident and motivated
  • Stay mentally sharp, energized and in control
  • Stimulate healing
  • Enhance and maintain athletic performance
  • Have more fun during your sports performance


Master the Mind, Master the Game Coaching helps you take control of your athletic performance by harnessing the power of your mind; activating your most positive values and beliefs to sharpen your focus and support you towards meeting your performance goals.