Nutrition / Weight Loss

What is the role of Nutrition in Health?

The foods we eat play a huge role in our overall well being and so gaining a better understanding of how food can be used as medicine is a vital tool to have. Nutrition can help with a variety of ailments including inflammation, allergies, weight loss, cardiac health, Diabetes, pre and post-natal health, childhood nutrition, etc. Superior nutrition also plays a critical role in disease prevention. In a lot of cases, simple adjustments to the diet have demonstrated immense improvements in a person’s health and can dramatically decrease the risk of many diseases.


Good nutrition is the foundation of good health! The benefits of a sound nutritional program and healthy lifestyle will lead to increased energy, improved gastrointestinal function, enhanced immunity and disease prevention.


Naturopathic Doctors are extensively trained in nutrition and are able to offer you the individualized advice you need to optimize your health. At the Stouffville Natural Health Clinic we offer in depth assessments including food sensitivity testing, BIA analysis (body fat and muscle composition) and digestive function tests that help to determine your overall nutritional and digestive status.


We also have a Holistic Nutritionist on staff to help you customize a nutrition plan that is ideal for you.


Meeting with a Nutritionist is a step towards living a healthier life. Because each and every one of us has different concerns regarding diet and lifestyle, our Nutritionist will formulate an individualized plan based on your own unique concerns. Special diets may be recommended depending on the nature of the health concern. Treatments may also include nutritional supplements such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes and other nutraceuticals.



Weight Loss

Do you want real weight loss that is fast, safe, effective - and results that last?

Our doctors at The Stouffville Natural Health Clinic offer a variety of unique weight loss strategies to fit your individual needs. Most patients we see are already doing the common things, such as watching calories and exercising. Sometimes this is simply not enough to shed those extra pounds.


We understand your struggle and have found that along with a clean diet and exercise, many other factors in your life are important to address in order to achieve your health goals. Our doctors have different approaches to supporting your weight loss strategy and keeping the weight off for good – without the rebound or yo-yo diets.


We have found that it is extremely important to address multiple aspects, including stress reduction, detoxification, increasing your metabolism, elimination of food sensitivities, building basic health, balancing hormones and much more.


Please contact the Stouffville Natural Health Clinic to discover more about the sophisticated weight loss strategies that we offer.



BIA Testing

BIA is a method of measuring your body composition: fat, muscle, and water mass as well as basal metabolic rate and overall cell health. This quick and painless test is done in seconds after placing four electrodes on the body. From that, a reading is calculated to estimate your individual composition.


Research has shown that body composition is directly related to health. A normal balance of body fat is associated with good health and longevity. Excess fat in relation to lean body mass, known as altered body composition, can greatly increase your risks to cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and more. BIA fosters early detection of an improper balance in your body composition, which allows for earlier intervention and prevention. BIA provides a measurement of fluid and body mass that can be a critical assessment tool for your current state of health.


BIA also measures your progress as you improve your health. Improving your BIA measurement, or maintaining a healthy BIA measurement, can help keep your body functioning properly for healthy aging.


7 Week Program

We are offering a 7 week weight loss program to help you Feel and Look Great this Holiday season.


Contact our offices to find out more information.