BloodScan Nutritional & Metabolic Scanning

What is BloodScan?

BloodScan is a highly advanced Nutritional and Metabolic Profiling System included in each patient's initial consult.


BloodScan is a set of examination techniques that examine and scrutinize blood morphologies to identify apparent changes and markers within the blood, the presence of which may show an individualís tendency towards degenerative conditions or disease.


By understanding the individual's progressive tendencies (i.e. benchmarks) and how far from optimal health they may have strayed as a result of factors such as lifestyle, pollutants, stress, nutritional inadequacies etc, BloodScan provides the individual with the opportunity to have these pre-clinical conditions addressed effectively.


BloodScan does not claim to diagnose disease. It does identify changes in the health of the body that can lead to disease, often before symptoms manifest.


BloodScan is a unique diagnostic tool for patients who desire to:
  • Leverage modern science to implement a preventative approach to their personal health care
  • Utilize a wellness benchmarking tool that is based on proven scientific principles
  • Establish an in depth understanding of your current state of well being


BloodScan draws on decades of scientific research dating back to French Microbiologist Antoine Beauchamp in the 1890s, Professor Gunther Enderlein's research during the 1920s and Michael Coyle's research with NuLife Sciences from the 1960s to 2003.


Through the use of powerful optical microscopes, BloodScan practitioners look for elements in the blood and plasma that are known to affect wellness. These elements affect the oxygen carrying capacity of red blood cells and may identify the presence of toxins, oxidative stress, the presence of bacteria and other parasites. The practitioner identifies these various elements and morphologies, then using BloodScan's proprietary bio-terrain assessment software, is able to determine the general wellness of a patient.


Many deficiencies, biochemical imbalances or toxicities can also be detected long before routine lab tests show any problems. Early nutritional intervention through dietary changes, supplementation and homeopathic medicines can then be implemented to help prevent disease.


BloodScan reveals:
  • Tissue acidity
  • Immune problems
  • Free radical damage (oxidative stress)
  • Cell size and shape abnormalities
  • Atherosclerotic and Amyloid plaques
  • Bacterial, Viral, or Fungal imbalances
  • Digestive issues
  • Toxicity issues
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Vitamin and Mineral deficiencies
  • Circulation, oxygenation and blood clotting issues


All of these elements combine to give an overall impression of a person's wellness or vitality.


BloodScan's sophisticated software uses orthodox hematology and pathology as the backbone for its evaluation and profiling methodologies.



Conventional Blood Testing

Conventional blood testing such as cholesterol panels, thyroid tests, iron levels and PSA levels can be ordered by your Naturopathic Doctor if they are deemed necessary for assessment. This testing can be done at any Lifelabs® location.