Facial Aesthetics

Aesthetic Medicine is one of the fields where Physiological Regulating Medicine expresses itself best. What are considered to be simple aesthetic factors (cellulite, adipose depositions, skin sagging, etc.) are actually a consequence of general imbalances that involve the body’s terrain systems.


By recovering the physiological structure of the fat tissue, restoring the endocrine balance, detoxifying the extra cellular matrix, and promoting a correct metabolic functioning, we are able to stimulate and repair the tissues’ tone, eradicate wrinkles, adipose tissue, skin sagging, cellulitis and reduced vascularity.


The composition of the remedies of Physiological Regulating Medicine takes into account the etiopathogenesis evolution of aesthetic degenerative conditions and then employs all the different components required to restore vitality and youthful appearance.


The remedies of Aesthetic Medicine have long-lasting results, without negative side effects or contraindications. They may be integrated with laser use, electroporation or other such devices, meso rollers, bio-puncture, topical creams or provided as oral treatments.


At present, Physiological Regulating Medicine is opening a new frontier in the field of Aesthetic Medicine. The requirements of millions of patients looking for real, long lasting and risk-free results can now be satisfied.