Registered Dietitian

Karen Fung graduated from McGill University in Dietetics in 2015 and member of Dietitians of Canada (DC) and College of Dietitians of Ontario (CDO) since 2015. She has had experience in dealing with various diseases nutritionally, including intensive diabetes management as well as experience in the oncology department. Clinically, she has particular interest in diabetes, changing lifestyle habits, pre-natal nutrition & infant feeding. It is important to Karen to not only help her clients make choices they want to make, but to provide realistic and feasible recommendations that complies with clients ethically, ethnically, and personally. She focuses her practice in an out-patient setting, as it is important to her to develop long-term relationships with her clients to effectively help them achieve the goals they wish to meet.


Karen enjoys teaching and public speaking over the years of experience she had and plans to hold seminars in the area in the near future, regarding various topics that interest both her and the community of Stouffville. She also plans to obtain her Certified Diabetes Educator license in the next few years, and return to school for a Masters in Public Health to help the bring practical advancement to the field of dietetics that is applicable to the community.







Registered Dietitian Services

What is a Dietitian?

Dietitians are nutrition specialists who counsel and support clients to make changes in their eating habits in order to promote health and prevent chronic illnesses such as high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, cancer. In a private consulting setting, they are able to help you sift through the numerous nutrition advice that surfaces on the internet today. You will also find them in hospitals as well as clinics as nutrition experts within a certain department. They have a protected title in Canada, and are regulated by their respective provincial orders. Dietitians work actively with all other health care professionals, including doctors to help manage various diseases with regards to the fundamental of human survival: food.


What to expect during your first visit?

Upon arrival at the clinic, it is recommended that you fill out the Intake Form for Dietitian. This form is reviewed by our dietitian to facilitate her understanding of your eating habits and help you develop realistic and feasible goals. It may be required to go over this form during the appointment.


Your dietitian will bring you into her office and begin the interview. She will get to know you and your lifestyle, the goals and results you seek, and discussion what she can help you with. Typically, initial visits take an hour to an hour and a half.


Follow-ups are usually monthly, but will depend on the goals set. Email and phone follow-ups may be arranged depending on the situation.



New Patient Form

Dietitian Intake Form